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Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage (J.M.M.), is a small-batch, limited-edition eyewear collection that reflects the designer’s vision and refined aesthetic vocabulary, one that reconfigures influences ranging from Art Deco to American Folk to La Belle Époque. Additionally, J.M.M. is equally committed to the well-being of their craft and craftsmen. Their products are created using fair and ethical production methods.

MSRP is $445 to $850.


Sunny Eye Shop

Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Sunny Shoaib, OD

“JMM has managed to strike that perfect balance between classic, almost vintage references and modern innovation.”

What are you sellng?
We decided to bring in the Jacques Marie Mage collection this past spring after previewing this season’s new styles at Vision Expo East. While there are many distinct luxury brands available, JMM stood out to us for its sophisticated design and exquisite quality. Styles like Zepherini, Sheridan and Victorio to name but a few, immediately resonated with our clientele.

Who’s buying it?
Jacques Marie Mage appeals to the most discerning clients who have a heightened appreciation for luxurious materials and subtle, elegant details. Simply put, it’s the collection for those who are looking for something truly special.

Why do they like it?
Each piece is hand crafted and individually numbered in limited amounts and as we are one of the few stores in New York City that has the collection, our clients feel that they have discovered something exclusively their own. Before we say anything about the collection, the quality, use of precious materials, or even its exclusivity, we let our clients simply experience it. The moment they pick up frames of this caliber and try them on, they can tell the difference.

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