Opposit Celebrates World Cup With Special Collection


PADOVA, Italy—Opposit from Allison SpA is celebrating the 2014 FIFA World Cup with a special capsule collection.

The World Cup is a perfect opportunity to declare all the identities and diversities, the company said. The brand's best-selling sunglass, the Soul Kiss Sun, has been reissued in three new color combinations, each inspired by the flags of the countries of Greece, Brazil and Spain. Each model has been paired with mirror lenses in contrasting colors to the frame.

The distinguishing sign of the brand can be found on each model, which consists of the metal cross and the arrow identifying male and female universe, starting from the temples and ending on the endpiece.

Sporting the countries of Brazil (Opposit mod TM503 Brazil), Greece (Opposit mod TM503 Greece) and Spain (Opposit mod TM503 Spain) these frames display their brand on each temple and celebrate the colors for each country.