OptiExpert App from CooperVision Provides Series of Patient Communication Tools

NEW YORK—CooperVision's OptiExpert app is a digital reference used by tens of thousands of eyecare professionals (ECPs) worldwide. Now available for the first time in the U.S. and Canada, the app provides a series of tools that aid in contact lens-related decision support and patient communication, including confidence-building multifocal and toric calculators plus oxygen profiles.

The innovative app—which has been updated with U.S. and Canadian data—is available for free for iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. With this launch, OptiExpert is now available in 15 languages and 76 countries and territories, and is regularly used by ECPs each month.

“CooperVision designed OptiExpert in partnership with ECPs to ease multifocal and toric contact lens fitting, save chair time and make the patient experience better than ever,” said Michele Andrews, OD, senior director, North America Professional and Academic Affairs at CooperVision. “We anticipate similar reaction in the U.S. and Canada to what we’ve seen in other countries, with the app quickly becoming a favorite resource used every day in offices.”

The U.S. and Canadian versions of OptiExpert contain three primary features:

  • A Multifocal Calculator that makes the fitting process for presbyopic patients simpler and more efficient based on spectacle prescriptions, helping ECPs select contact lenses quickly and reducing in-office time.

  • A Toric Calculator that provides a timesaving model to calculate and evaluate the recommended diagnostic toric contact lens for astigmatic patients.

  • Oxygen Profiles that provide credible clinical support to aid upgrade discussions with patients, delivering a clear visual demonstration of oxygen transmissibility levels of CooperVision silicone hydrogel contact lens compared to other products.

  • OptiExpert includes diagnostic lens recommendations from CooperVision product families, including clariti 1 day, MyDay, Biofinity, Avaira Vitality and Proclear.