Topcon Medical Systems, M&S Technologies Partner on Computerized Vision Testing Systems


NEW YORK—Topcon Medical Systems and M&S Technologies have entered into a partnership where M&S Technologies will exclusively provide the M&S Smart System software to Topcon Medical Systems for incorporation into the Topcon CV-5000S Automated Vision Tester.

The complete integration of the M&S Smart System software in the CV-5000S will improve office workflow by providing the ability to digitally document 100 percent of the eye exam and have a one-touch wheelchair chart distance setting. "We are very excited to announce an expansive integration of the M&S Smart System software into the CV-5000S Automated Vision Tester,” said Robert Gibson, vice president of product planning and management for Topcon Medical Systems.

“The combination of M&S Technologies Smart System software, the first name in computerized vision testing systems, with the CV-5000S will enable users to directly select the comprehensive M&S Smart System tests and protocols from the CV-5000S Controller without a remote. Now, users of the CV-5000S can completely utilize randomized charts including pediatric tests using the LEA Symbols and Numbers, numerous contrast sensitivity tests and protocols such as Sine Wave Gratings, Stereopsis, Low Vision Tests and even a Glare Testing Option," Gibson said.

The M&S Smart System software is imbedded in the CV-5000S and can be used with the Topcon PC-50S Visual Acuity Chart or be connected to current M&S Smart System 20/20 users to provide a complete digital refraction experience without the need for a remote.