Time to Listen Up: This Is Not a Test

Oftentimes, unless you’re a programmer or a computer wizard or a high-tech venture capitalist, discussions of computer systems or IT platforms can be….um….confusing…..imposing…..intimidating…boring, even.

Well. Sit up straight. Shake off that notion. And force yourself to read and listen up.

Because the changes coming down the pike and now headed toward you, from the health care/insurance/reimbursement worlds “outside” of optical, all involve systems, integrated features, new processes, new procedures and several types of transitions among you and your staff.

And, they are not hypothetical. They are not theoretical. They are very real indeed.

That sense of urgency is behind the launch of Vision Monday’s new series this month, “The Intelligent Office.” From the waiting room to the exam room to the insurance claims and reimbursement realms, being collaborative is more than an ideal—from what the experts in this arena tell us, interoperability is going to be essential.

We also want to emphasize that the promise of the interconnected, streamlined Intelligent vision care Office is also as interesting as it is time-sensitive. There are new and exciting possibilities that it will bring to doctors and patients. In fact, The Intelligent Office—while, very admittedly, not easy to achieve—is going to usher in a new business and medical model for delivering eyecare. It is also going to, by definition, connect eyecare practices, practitioners and optical dispensers to a wider universe of patients, insurance companies, suppliers, doctor alliances and other medical professionals.

We’ll be sustaining the series on The Intelligent Office throughout next year and, next month, in a new microsite on VisionMonday.com.

Take a look, read carefully, discuss aspects of this first, initial report among your colleagues and your staff. Let us know about your questions, concerns and interests. ■