Creating an Environment of Innovation for Independents


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 Howard Purcell, OD
Essilor Interntional is no stranger to VM’s Global Summit, returning for the second year in a row as a Premier sponsor. In his opening remarks to the audience, Howard Purcell, OD, Essilor’s vice president of customer development said, “We are so pleased to be able to partner with Jobson and support this program,” a gathering that is all about “imagination and new ideas… a great opportunity to engage with colleagues.”

Purcell went on to explore, “What’s going on with the independent practice, what are the threats and how do we work together as big organizations in this field to try and find a way to support the independent.”

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He likened the exercise of invention to an earlier age. “It’s almost like when we were kids—we experimented a lot and tried new things. When we go back to the office, we should all take a look and see how can we create environments in our practices and offices that enable that sort of innovation.”

“To me, this is one of the meetings I truly look forward to every year because I always walk out of here with some great new information,” he said.