Trends 2013: Philanthropic Positioning


“REM’s CEO Mike Hundert often says, ‘Companies that do well should also do good.’ He really stands behind that through company-sponsored volunteer events, monetary donations to eyewear-related causes and now with philanthropic product positioning. We can’t say much now because it is still in the works, but REM is planning to extend our philanthropic spirit to our eyewear collections. Serving more than 80 nations, REM is a global citizen and takes that responsibility very seriously.”
– Nicolas Roseillier, REM Eyewear

“We are seeing more companies trying to make philanthropic offerings, and I would definitely embrace that. That’s on the cusp of emerging on the market as mainstream. My advice on that is to do your due diligence, research it and make sure they’re following through with their end
of the bargain.

– Bruce Kolkmann, Raymond Opticians