Trends 2013: Temple Embellishment


“We’re also seeing a lot of unique different temple treatments, hand painted stuff, neat looking foil applications.”
– Bruce Kolkmann,
Raymond Opticians

“Embellishments on the temple are very popular. Whether it’s a logo detail, bows or jewels, the temple of the frame is calling for more attention. The Pearle Vision customer loves the detail and the special attention to the design with this trend.”
– Lori Bowman, Pearle Vision

“I also am beginning to see the emergence of shiny-sparkly again; whether translated into the traditional crystal stones or into some of the newer effects like glitter epoxy or glitter acetate.”

– Timm Parker,
Viva International

“People are interested in simple, almost mellow fronts, but are willing to take risks with the temples—triple laminate zyl, fine detail and bright colors.”
– Aaron Schubach, Standard Optical