Consumers Respond to Green Initiatives

NEW YORK— Green product is the key reason consumers shop environmentally friendly stores, according to the SRC’s Annual Greentailing Survey conducted by Clear Thinking and Will Ander of McMillanDoolittle for the National Retail Federation (NRF). Consumers want transparency and information, specifically when it comes to products that are truly green, the survey revealed. Prior to 2006, retailers and manufacturers were doing little in developing green products and marketing green programs for the masses, particularly at comparable prices and quality. But today’s demographics indicate that women and younger adults are more interested and committed to green products and therefore are more active buyers of green consumables. The survey findings also revealed that most consumers are unwilling to pay more for green products or accept inferior performance, quality or style.

The National Retail Federation presented findings from its Greentailing survey which the trade association presented as part of a webinar titled The Consumer and Sustainability: What Retailers Are Learning About Their Customer and How They’re Responding.