Wow and How

There are many things coming your way in the delivery of eyecare and vision correction that offer a wide range of new opportunities for doctors and dispensing professionals to change the way they communicate with patients and develop a real “Wow” experience in the process.

A Wow experience holds the very real chance to change how patients and consumers perceive the depth and importance of a complete eye exam and cement a new kind of relationship with their eye doctor and eye center. A Wow eye experience also sends the very real message that there is a wealth of technology options for correcting vision (lenses) and looking good (frames).

In the first of what we envision as a new VM series, How Technology is Changing the Patient Experience (page 45) is a new special feature in which we look at several advanced technologies which offer patients a refreshing new perspective about their vision and product choices in all phases of the eyecare cycle.

The way to view these as you consider them is to think about what this can mean for your practice’s business and professional reputation to patients in your care—and potential patients.

Not to mention, of course, the fact that these new technologies, along with other clinically-oriented diagnostic tools, improve overall patient care.

In addition to Wow, in this issue we also look at the question of “How?” What are the ways that businesses and a growing cadre of consumers are taking a look at operating practices and costs in energy and materials expenditures? These are examined in our Seeing Green cover topic.

Sustainability has moved far beyond its origins in the ‘80s and ‘90s as something that seemed trendy and out of reach for most to a very real cost reduction and “social purpose” responsibility, a concept and practice that is being considered in major boardrooms as well as smaller, independent businesses across the country.

The manufacture and supply chain of vision care products is very much a part of 21st century sustainability initiatives. So, too, are the way retailers and business operators examine their processes and systems as “Greentailing” begins to take hold and optical businesses start to find their way through this trend.