A Day in the Life... Optical Across America

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NEW YORK—At Vision Monday, we see how vast and manifold the optical industry is every single day, but outside of a trade show, like this month’s Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, the rest of the industry is rarely afforded the same privilege. So, we thought it would be fun to show our readers just how diverse and vibrant this industry is by asking different sectors to document various parts of their day.

We asked readers across the country, “What do you do each day?” and tasked them with photographing and explaining the different parts of their day that were remarkable or characteristic of their particular job.

We had to wade through a whole heap of fun and interesting pictures!

It will come as no surprise that we all sit through a lot of meetings. A lot. If you’re lucky (like VisionWeb) you get to do them outside! And of course, several of us spend much of our day in front of a computer completing a variety of tasks from customer service fulfillment, to designing product or marketing materials, to reviewing exam results.

Still others spend their days seeing patients, on the road visiting accounts who have become friends (or is that friends who have become accounts?), producing video shoots, driving fork lifts (the VM team was particularly envious of that one) or, if you work at Oakley, doing a great deal of bike riding.

From the mundane to the outrageous, we saw it all. Of course, we could not include all of the pictures we received, and the participants we are featuring are by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive representation of the entire industry, but we found the snapshots a wonderful portrait of our industry and a great reminder of the opportunities that being an opti-employee provides.

Enjoy the glimpse into “A Day in the Life” of optical across America over the next several pages. You can even check out more pictures online in the Digital Edition of this issue at www.VisionMonday.com, and if you feel like sharing your own pictures from a day in your optical life, feel free to do so on Vision Monday’s Facebook page or tweet us @VisionMonday using #DayInTheLife!