This is What the Sun Does to Your Eyes

When it comes to UV safety, health conscious individuals are accustomed to staying out of the sun and covering up with SPF lotion to protect the skin. What many may not realize, though, is that protecting the eyes from the sun is just as important, and that not all sunglass lenses do that job equally.

In a recent post from HuffPost Healthy Living, the Huffington Post paired with Anne Sumers, MD of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and William Brown, OD, PhD of the department of ophthalmology at the Mayo Clinic to create an infographic, “This is What the Sun Does to Your Eyes,” spelling out the issues associated with UV damage to the eye and offering suggestions for eye protection.

The graphic calls attention to sun-related eye health issues such as sunburn, cataracts and skin cancer and points out the effects of sun damage on each area of the eye, inside at out. The step-by-step guide concludes with sunglass buying “rules” to aid consumers and ECPs alike in choosing the right eyewear for sun protection.