“Consumers most value the ‘four Ps’—product, price, place and phone number—on local business websites.” – Ayaz Nanji, digital strategy and content consultant, research writer, MarketingProfs

“Disruptive innovations are like missiles launched at your business. Develop a disruption of your own before it’s too late to reap the rewards of participation in new, high-growth markets.” – Maxwell Wessel, fellow, Forum for Growth and Innovation, senior researcher, Harvard Business School

“The move toward consumerization seems to boil down to embracing one key concept long pursued by B2C brands: minimizing friction across the promotion and buying process. Arguably the ultimate in friction-free consumer commerce is Amazon’s 1-Click ordering.” – Tom Pick, managing editor, Webbiquity

“The best way to build loyalty with your customers is to make them feel valued. Don’t treat customers like numbers on a spreadsheet…customize the offers or website experiences that you provide.” – Jerry Jao, co-founder and CEO, Retention Science