“Every moment in a consumer’s decision journey matters. To win these moments, smart retailers need to be there when inspiration strikes consumers and as they start researching purchases online.”

Sridhar Ramaswamy, SVP of ads and commerce, Google.

“Consumers are hungry for meaningful retail connection points. By blending omnichannel benefits into both local shopping trips and online shopping trips, retailers will provide a shopping experience that can lead to brand loyalty and repeat sales.”
Kali Klena, global retail industry leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

“Retailers are always wondering about what or even if they should be investing in technology. Let me put it this way: as you go through your budget process, keep in mind that you are not going to out-invest Amazon.”
Joe Dalton, chief product officer, SmartFocus

“Technological innovation continues to drive success in retail on many fronts. Providing service across multiple channels, integrating technologies in-store to engage customers, fulfilling online orders with increasing speed and leveraging mobile platforms to reach consumers anywhere, at any time, are among the key challenges facing every retailer today.”
Anna Richardson Taylor, freelance editor, Retail Week