The Resistance Is Futile Award



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Wilson Eye Center
Valdosta, Ga.
Owner: Steven M. Wilson, OD

Submission Essay…

“At the Wilson Eye Center annual management retreat in 2009, the challenge of creating a ‘brand’ that was ‘sticky’ was conceived. Our goal was to create a simple, clean and recognizable brand along the line of TNT Network’s We Know Drama or TBS’s Very Funny concepts. What we came up with was the ‘eyePOD’ (Personal Optical Delivery) home delivery vehicle. The purchase and implementation of the eyePOD simultaneously created brand awareness, took patient service to a much higher level, helped us combat mail order contact lens competition and gave us a constantly moving and highly visible billboard advertising campaign.”

Daring because…
“We are always looking for new ways to improve patient service and to make the patient experience at Wilson Eye Center memorable. Before "branding" was the new buzz word, we started planning for an item or service that would differentiate our patient service from everyone else in our service area,” said Steven Wilson, OD, owner of Wilson Eye Center. “Patients, especially working families, love the "eyePOD" delivery service and our office is known in this area for offering this unique and high level of patient service. We did not know if this project would succeed or not, but we knew it was worth a try to create a long lasting and memorable "branding" to Wilson Eye Center that offered a unique patient experience and a high level of patient service that would last for many years.”


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For Eyes Optical
New York, N.Y.
CEO: Lisa Wolman

Submission Essay…
“As eyewear is increasingly being marketed as a beauty and fashion product, For Eyes Optical continues to roll out advertising which expresses that there’s no need to pay for illusions that glasses can’t deliver. The TV, radio and print advertising created by the DeVito/Verdi agency pushes the envelope with the insight that consumers get satisfaction from finding great deals on high-end fashion items like glasses. For Eyes advertising includes:

• TV spots that caution eyewear buyers: “Unless The Glasses Can Perform Miracles,
   Don’t Pay More Than You Have To.”
• Print ads which communicate that there is no reason not to look good in glasses.
• Radio spots that highlight the point that there is no need to pay too much for glasses.

Overall, the advertising has been successful in not only building positive awareness of the brand, but also by driving traffic and local sales.”

Daring because…

“We are constantly questioning our processes and we’re not afraid to make changes; our size has enabled us to test new concepts and ideas quickly and adapt to change when appropriate,” said Lisa Wolman, CEO of Four Eyes Optical. “We don’t accept complacency, but rather challenge and dare our associates and management team to raise the bar on a daily basis. Clearly, that spirit and sense of identity is translated into all we do, including our branding campaigns. Given the fact that most retailers today are taking a similar marketing position of value—one that For Eyes has held since our inception—it’s imperative that we continuously innovate and face our business challenges with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in all retail, manufacturing, and operational areas. We’re somewhat fearless in our branding decisions, since we’ve always been an unconventional and progressive brand—as a challenger brand, being daring and innovative is part of our culture, helping us recruit and maintain like-minded talented individuals who want to make an impact on the company as well as attract and retain customers looking for the best value and experience year after year.”