Invaluable Reference Tools

L’Amy America has long been offering its accounts ways to utilize the company’s website for learning more about the company’s portfolio of brands, as well as for viewing statements, facilitating payments and referencing past orders.

New drop down menus and having a choice of various views of the company’s brand catalogs and collection images also offer accounts various ways of viewing size, color and style options.

Just last March, however, the company introduced online ordering. And, according to Stephen Rappoport, L’Amy America’s president, “The adaptation rate has really been swift. The response has been terrific, and already 20 percent of our customer base is using the new function. And that’s in less than a year. We are very pleased.”

He added, “We have been working with Jobson Internet Solutions (JIS) to advance our website even more and plan to continue to add new functionality to the ordering process soon, to make it easier for our accounts to interact with us.”