Showing Steady Growth

Zyloware’s investment in its website features has been continual, as James Shyer, president, explained, “We are working to create a ‘new’ Zyloware, even if we are one of the oldest frame companies in the business!”

Recent changes reflect many new features, not only for consumers, in a special informational section about the company’s growing portfolio of brands, but in special customer-access sections as well.

“We’re trying to get more credit for what’s on the site,” Shyer noted, “We recently posted our entire product catalog PDF on the site. We’re trying to be comprehensive, save some trees and we’ll soon have both an English and Spanish edition. Our goal is to drive more people to the site as a resource, but we do want to drive them there for professional ordering as well.”

“For us, we work with direct sales and also with wholesalers, so we have to take careful steps, but we are seeing real and steady growth in online orders,” Shyer said.